Tri-Faith Initiative

To foster and build understanding, respect and trust is a challenging
and urgent task in our increasingly complex and global society.
Promoting peaceful co-existence is a global priority in a world where
the focus is often on fear. Accepting each other’s religious expression
brings us together as a community and creates a voice for a hopeful

The Tri-Faith Initiative of Omaha, Nebraska, is meeting
this challenge. Members of the three Abrahamic faiths — Judaism,
Christianity and Islam are committed to promote mutual respect and
uphold the right to proclaim one’s own religion and serve God in his/her
own way.

To advance this mission, the Tri-Faith Initiative has
set an ambitious course to build a Center to co-locate with Temple
Israel, a new Episcopal church and the American Institute of Islamic
Studies and Culture. These four buildings will form a multi-faith
neighborhood of collaboration. The Tri-Faith Center will open its doors
to all people in Omaha, the heartland and ultimately the global
community. Mutual respect and acceptance is a vital and urgent need.

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