Freitag, 23. November 2018

German Federal Government Approves 10 Million Euro

Important step for financing of interreligious House of One in Berlin

The Foundation House of One - Bet- und Lehrhaus receives 10 million Euro from the Federal Government for the construction of the planned interreligious sacred building in the heart of Berlin. This was decided by the Bundestag when it adopted the budget for 2019 in its second and third readings this Friday. "This is an important step towards the realisation of this extraordinary peace project in the heart of Berlin," said Roland Stolte, Chairman of the Foundation's Board, commenting on the Parliament's decision. "With this decision, the Federal Government once again underlines its substantial support and goodwill towards the House of One.


The funds will be divided between 500,000 euros to be made available in 2019 and commitment appropriations totalling 9.5 million euros in subsequent years. However, the building will not be co-financed by the federal government until the state of Berlin also contributes at least 10 million euros and private donations of the same amount can be presented.

With the House of One, something unique is being created worldwide: a house for three religions - with a synagogue, a church and a mosque - as well as a large central building that is open to the secular world and other religions. The aim is to promote understanding and exchange among followers of different faiths and the non-religious part of society.

While the building, the House of One, is still in the planning phase, the idea is already filled with life. At the site of the future sacred building on Petriplatz in Berlin, there is a pavilion which - until construction work begins in 2019 - will be open to visitors on a regular basis. There will also be programmes for school classes, workshops for adults and inter-religious devotions.

Further information can be found at Further questions to the topic pleasse address to press or 030 24 75 95 53.

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