Ausgrabungen zum House of One

Archäologen entdecken uralte Berliner. Bei Ausgrabungen im Bezirk Mitte wurden über 3.000 Skelette entdeckt, die uns erzählen, woher die ganz frühen Berlinerinnen und Berliner kamen. Die Funde, die ungefähr 800 Jahre alt sind, zeigen auch, woran man damals an der Spree gestorben ist.


Landeskirche und House of One lassen Rolle von NS-Pfarrer untersuchen

Der 1977 gestorbenen Pfarrer Hoff und die St. Petri-Gemeinde in Berlin. Die Stiftung House of One lässt gemeinsam mit der evangelischen Berliner Landeskirche die Nazi-Vergangenheit des 1977 gestorbenen Pfarrers Walter Hoff und der St. Petri-Gemeinde in Berlin-Mitte untersuchen.


House of One Interview on Weekend Evenings with Sirine Demachkie

Members of the Team of the HOUSE OF ONE as guests on the 'Weekend Evenings' show on ABC Radio Australie with Host Sirine Demachkie. Check out the full Interview! GUESTS: Roland Stolte, protestant theologian and one of the founders of the House of One, Rabbi Andreas Nachama, historian, publicist who is member of the Executive Board of the Foundation House of One and Imam Osman Örs who is one of the theological Consultants of the House of One.


Berlin’s New Church of Nothing

A new worship center in the former East Berlin represents the ultimate secular view of religion. It also reflects the kind of cultural future the American left envisions for the U.S. The House of One, to be built on the foundation of a demolished church, will enable Christians, Jews and Muslims to worship under one roof. Each faith will have its own sanctuary surrounding a central hall that will serve “as a place of public encounter, much like an urban square surrounded by different buildings,” according to the architectural firm Kuehn Malvezzi.


Unique inter-faith place of learning, worship and reflection to be built in Berlin

THE COMMONALITY shared by the world’s principal religions — Islam, Judaism and Christianity — is the recognition of Abraham as the founding prophet of all three. Its physical manifestation is the stupendous Temple Mount in Jerusalem, venerated as a holy place by Muslims, Jews and Christians alike.


Muslims, Jews and Christians to worship under single roof in Berlin

Under the 2.3 million red bricks arching over a new building in Berlin it is hoped that the seeds of peace can grow between the three Abrahamic religions.
When the cornerstone is laid at the House of One building this spring it will mark an increasingly global desire for togetherness among Muslims, Jews and Christians.