Burial rituals in Christianity, Judaism and Islam

Bestattungsrituale im Christentum, Islam und Judentum
Ruhe in Frieden

How do Jewish, Christian or Muslim believers bury their deceased?

Symposium of the House of One and the Catholic Academy in Berlin for people who professionally deal with dying, death and mourning. Some of the lectures will be documented as video and made publicly available.

9:00 Morning Prayer for the Day of Penance and Prayer in the Church of the Catholic Academy

10:00 Begrüßung

„The first to be aside the deceased“: Undertakers
In general, undertakers are the first to be called by loved ones. They
often set the course for many further decisions. What is your experience

10:05 Gabi Kohn (Undertaker, Berlin)

Theological basics
What is the "core" of a funeral? (What words must necessarily be spoken?
be spoken? What gesture absolutely must be done?) Is it a service for the deceased
(intercession) or to the bereaved (consolation)?

10:30 Jewsih:
Introduction to the tradition of Jewish burial related to the Prague
Picture Cycle: Rabbi Edward van Voolen (Abraham Geiger College, Potsdam)
... and how this is applied in practice: Rabbi Prof. Dr. Andreas Nachama
(House of One, Berlin)

11:00 Muslim:
Legal basis of a Muslim funeral: Prof. Dr. Serdar Kurnaz
(Humboldt University, Berlin)

... and what the practitioner makes of it: Imam Taha Sabri (NBS Dar As-Salam, Berlin)

11:30 BREAK

12:00 Christian:
The "nucleus" of a Catholic burial: Christopher Tschorn (Archdiocese Berlin)
... and of a Protestant: Oliver Wegschneider (Humboldt-University Berlin)

12:30 Secular:
What makes a good non-religious funeral, theoretically and practically: Dr. Gesine Palmer (Office of special texts, Berlin)

13:30 BREAK – lunch

New challenges and appropriations

Alienation and hospitality

How can we overcome strangeness (for example, when members of other religions are guests)?
are guests)? What experiences do we already have when members of other religions want to get involved?
want to get involved? (Also: which objects, gestures, etc. are considered problematic?

15:00 Christian-Muslim Experiences: Kathrin Rehmat (Zürich)
(and informal participation of all present)

Theology in praxis

Gestures and nuances - which ones are helpful? What are the experiences with a
bereavement congregation that does not understand, know, or appreciate religious rituals and language? How was the most "comforting" funeral you have ever presided over? Also: How can you
Take away feelings of strangeness from people of other faiths?

15:30 My most consoling funeral: Pfarrerin Jasmin El-Manhy (Segensbüro Berlin)

16:00 Teaching funerals to lay people: Eva-Maria Will (Erzbistum Köln)

Rite and mourning

Bereavement counselors: which "service" is desired by those close to them, which is
accepted and which one really serves? Does a "good" funeral help in grieving?

17:00 A Muslim bereavement café (and some experiences with Christian-Muslim
Funerals of Star Children): Samir Schabel (AIWG Frankfurt)

18.00 BREAK

19:00  PUBLIC EVENING: Death and language
Dr. Christian Lehnert und Mely Kiyak

Contribution to expenses for those who do not lecture: 20,- Euro (to be brought in cash) 3G Rule

More events

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Death and language

The writer Mely Kiyak and the poet Christian Lehnert in an exchange about language and dying. The House of One invites to the discussion together with the Catholic Academy in Berlin.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Political dimension of reconciliation

Thursday, September 23, 2021 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Gedenkgottesdienst T4-Aktion

Anlässlich der Eröffnung des 13. Europäischen Kongresses zu psychischer Gesundheit bei intellektueller Entwicklungsstörung (EAMHID) wird an die systematische Ermordung von Menschen mit körperlichen, geistigen und seelischen Einschränkungen und Erkrankungen erinnert, die in den Jahren 1940 und 1941 in Deutschland ermordet wurden. Menschen in all ihrer Unterschiedlichkeit stehen an diesem Tag im Zentrum. Jüdische und muslimische Gläubige des House of One sind an dem christlichen Gottesdienst in der Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche in Berlin beteiligt.