The House of One presents co-host the German premiere of the documentary film of "SÌRÌRÌ - LE CARDINAL ET L'IMAM" at the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin (HRFFB). The film by director Manuel von Stürler accompanies the tremendously courageous peace work of Cardinal Dieudonné Nzapalainga and Imam Abdoulaye Ouasselegue in the Central African Republic, torn apart by years of war, with the camera.




Cardinal Nzapalainga and Imam Abdoulaye will be present at the German premiere on 17 September 2021. After the screening, they will join director Manuel von Stürler in a panel discussion about their work in Central Africa and answer questions from the audience. (Kerstin Krupp, House of One, will host the Q&A)




Telling the story of two impressive men, SÍRÍRÍ illuminates the conflict over gold and diamonds in the Central African Republic.

In the Central African Republic, rebels have abused religion as a tool to convince Christians and Muslims to kill each other. Warlords control almost all of the territory and its resources. A cardinal and an imam try to mediate together. They travel through the bush and forest to listen to the people and bring armed men to their senses. Neither hesitates to call on the authorities and international community to assume their responsibilities or ask who profits from this conflict. Who sells weapons to the rebels, and who buys the gold and diamonds?


A film by Manuel von Stürler

76 min. | CH | 2021 | OmeU

French / Sango, with English and French subtitles



HRFFB Festival Centre in den
Berliner Union Film Ateliers (BUFA)
Oberlandstraße 26-35
12099 Berlin-Tempelhof







The Human Rights Film Festival Berlin (HRFFB) was launched by the humanitarian and development organisation Aktion gegen den Hunger and has taken place every year since 2018. The festival focuses on stories from all over the world that report on the current state of human rights in a powerful way. The 2021 HRFFB has been organised by Aktion gegen den Hunger in cooperation with Save the Children. Each organisation has selected a theme and curated a selection of films, which focus on the overarching topics of humanitarian aid and the fight against hunger, and children’s rights.


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