Global call for Prayer for Solidarity in Corona times


Jews, Christians and Muslims of the House of One wholeheartedly follow the global call for prayer on May 14 at 2 p.m. of the "Higher Committee on human fraternity" (HCHF). This call is to create solidarity and togetherness across all borders. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown just how vulnerable humans are. We are connected around the world through this shared experience, tragically an experience of suffering.

"We hope and praytogether for the well-being of human kind", says Rabbi Andreas Nachama of the House of One.

Together with Bishop Christian Stäblein, other representatives of the Evangelical Church EKBO and the Berlin Forum of Religions, the religious leaders and faithful of the House of One will meet this Thursday for a multi-religious prayer to send out a message of unity, of fraternity and thus join the global call. "We stand together and commemorate all those who died because of Covid-19. We ask God for his remembrance that everyone has a place with Him", says Bishop Stäblein.

The prayer will take place in the Parochial Church in Berlin - respecting the actual hygiene regulations and therefore unfortunately without guests. You can follow the prayer via a livestream on our website The prayer will mostly be in English.

Pray together with us for all those who so urgently need our support.



Contributors to the multi-religious prayer:

Bischof Christian Stäblein (EKBO)

Rabbiner Andreas Nachama (House of One)

Pfarrer Gregor Hohberg (House of One)

Imam Kadir Sanci (House of One)

Priest Florian Erlenemeyer (Archdiocese Berlin

Michael Bäumer (Buddhist community Soka Gakkai)

Pfarrer Andreas Goetze (EKBO)

Imam Taha Sabri (Dar as-Salam Mosque)

Ranjit P. Kaur (Sikh Gurdwara)

Iman A. Reimann (German Muslim Centre Berlin, DMZ)

Kantorin Esther Hirsch (Synagogue Sukkat Schalom)

Pfarrerin Corinna Zisselsberger (St.Petri-St.Mary's Congregation)

Amill Gorgis (Syrian Orthodox Church)

Bernd Streich (Diocesan council of catholics)




Here the call for Prayer of Rabbi Andreas Nachama, Priest Gregor Hohberg and Imam Osman Örs. It starts in German but is in English at the end:



The "High Commission for Human Fraternity", founded in Rome in September, pursues the objectives for greater religious coexistence signed by Pope Francis and Ahmed al-Tayyeb, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, in the "Document of Human Fraternity". Both clergymen also want to participate in the call to prayer.

Under the hashtag #PrayforHumanity, contributions from around the world will be shared in the social media.

Representatives of the HCHF are convinced that the pandemic could change the relationship between the religions, writes Deutsche Welle: "The Secretary General of the Conference of European Rabbis (CER), Gady Gronich, in the Deutsche-Welle-Talk is "very confident that thanks to Corona a new era in interreligious dialogue is entering, precisely because we recognize that we are all in the same boat". Places of worship were or are closed for weeks, churches cannot come together. "The problems and challenges are actually the same everywhere," says Gronich. This has already triggered a new dynamic in the dialogue between the religions. As examples, the CER Secretary General mentions joint prayers, online messages or exchange of experiences - 'activities that probably would not have existed like this before Corona'.



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