Heaven or Hell? - The afterlife from a Jewish, Christian and Muslim perspective

Comparison of Torah, Bible and Koran

Rabbi, Pastor and Imam are taking a closer look at the afterlife as imagined within the different religions in the monthly reading circle.

Death is a part of life as much as birth. Everyone is at one point confronted with it, and along with that also with asking oneself: What happens afterwards?

Religions have their very own answers to this question. Are Judaism, Christianity and Islam all familiar with the afterlife? And if so, how is it described within their Holy Scriptures, is it more like paradise or hell?

Rabbi Andreas Nachama, Pastor Corinna Zisselsberger and Imam Kadir Sanci are inviting to a discussion about said questions.

It is the third time our multireligious salon, the "Lesezeichen" takes place, which is scheduled on every first tuesday of the month. The Jewish, Christian and Muslim clergymen (and women) of the House of One are inviting to take a look into the Holy Scriptures together on this evening. According to each topic, sections of the Torah, Bible and Koran will be read. Collectively, these sections will then be interpreted. It offers a closer look into the religious traditions as well as the written sources of the different religions. Participants will not only get to know other religions better, one also gains a new understanding of the written word of ones own religion.

With this reading circle we are already breathing life to the Lehrhaus, which is one of the functions of the House of One.

We look forward to your thoughts, inspirations and questions!



For further questions please contact us via E-Mail: info@house-of-one.org


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