House of One invites to the first "Conference of multi-faith institutions“

multi-religiös Mehrreligionenhaus Bern

The number of projects in which several religions come together and share a house is growing worldwide. For the first time, the House of One is inviting several multi-religious houses to a - corona-related virtual - conference on Tuesday.


The event is intended to be a first step towards a network of multi-religious institutions worldwide like the House of One in Berlin or the houses in Bern, Hanover, Stockholm, Vienna, Omaha, Tbilisi and Wilhelmshaven. What unites them is the idea of understanding and togetherness.

In these special places, lived faith meets the idea of open discussion among different people.Glaubensüberzeugung an der des Anderen endet und das mit dieser Erkenntnis Fragen verbunden sind, die Menschen nicht beantworten können.

We are convinced that every multi-religious house promotes dialogue and the peaceful coexistence of people. We are happy to see that there are more and more of this projects and that they start to connect, support and learn from each other.

The conference will take place on Tuesday, 24 November 2020, 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm.


Members of the House of One:
Rabbi Andreas Nachama
Imam Kadir Sanci
Director of administration Roland Stolte
Priest Gergor Hohberg


"Sociological perspective on the potentials of multi-religious houses"
Anna Körs, Akademie der Weltreligionen Hamburg

"Sense and limits of religious houses from a secular perspective"
Wilhelm Schmid, Life philosophy, Berlin

"Hospitality as the basis of inter-religious dialogue".
Bishop Malkhaz und Bischop Ilia, Peace Cathedral Tbilisi/Georgien 


Multi-religious houses:
Priest Gregor Hohberg, House of One, Berlin
Karin Mykytjuk, Haus der Religionen, Bern/Schweiz
Ulrike Duffing und Ali Faridi, Haus der Religionen, Hannover
Florian Wiese, Religionenhaus, Wilhelmshaven (angefragt)
Harald Gnilsen, Campus der Religionen, Wien/Österreich
Martin Rötting, Haus der Kulturen und Religionen, München

Other Participants:
Rabbi Sonja Pilz, Project ambassador of House of One in New York
Ayse Keskin-Saglam, Project ambassador des House of One in New York

If you would like to attend the conference as a guest, you can do so via livestream on the YouTube channel of the House of One: .

We look forward to seeing you!

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