"House of One invites: Haladhara Thaler"

Hinduism in Europe

As part of our discussion series, Haladhara Thaler will talk about "Hinduism between tradition and modernity" with Imam Osman Örs and Pastor Gregor Hohberg. The event will be moderated by Esther Hirsch. Haladhara Thaler was chairman of the Hindu Community Berlin for 25 years and is now a member of the leadership team of the Berlin Forum of Religions.


(030) 21 300 18 10
Kleiner Säulensaal in der ZLB
Breite Straße 36
10178 Berlin
Der Raum befindet sich im Erdgeschoss

Hinduism is one of the largest religious communities in the world, with around one billion followers worldwide. Hinduism was founded more than 3500 years ago in India. It is one of the oldest religions of mankind and is rich in experience as well as religious and cultural diversity. India is closely linked to Hinduism, but is also home to many Muslims. This religious diversity brings with it many positive aspects, but also challenges.

There are now about 100,000 followers of this religion in Germany. What makes Hinduism attractive for Europeans? On this evening we would like to talk to Haladhara Thaler about how it lives as a Hindu in Germany and what challenges the Hindu tradition brings with it. Is Hinduism practised differently in India than in Europe?

In this conversation we would like to get to know the world of faith and the spiritual dimension of Hinduism. What is meant by the cult of sacrifice and the apparent "polytheism"? How can it be located in the field of tension between monotheistic religions?

In addition, we also want to talk about the emerging nationalism in India and to investigate the question whether there is room for other truths and how tolerant one behaves towards Muslims, Christians and other minorities. In this way, social questions can also be asked: Is the caste system at all still compatible with today's Indian democratic basic order? How can the discrimination of women in India be justified?

We are looking forward to a lively exchange.


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