Interreligiöses Friedensgebet zum 11. September

Imam Kadir Sanci
Imam Kadir Sanci

The message is clear. "We need each other," says Imam Kadir Sanci. "We must stick together!" These words have even more weight in view of September 11, which has become a symbol of how hatred and violence threaten social peace and lead to new violence.

The victims are commemorated in the House of One's interfaith devotion to the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in 2001. "They died because madness is part of our world," says the Jewish cantor Esther Hirsch. The devotion is intended to send out a signal of peace. It also addresses the responsibility of religions to work for respectful and peaceful coexistence and to set an example. A thought which corresponds to the spirit of the interreligious foundation House of One.

The devotion is held by Imam Kadir Sanci (Forum Dialog), cantor Esther Hirsch (Synagogue Sukkat Shalom) and pastor Cordula Machoni (St.Petri-St.Marien), all from Berlin. Welcome by Frithjof Timm, theologian of House One.


When? Tuesday, 11 September                   Tuesday, 11 September, 6 p.m.

Where?                   Pavilion of the House of One

                              Petriplatz, 10178 Berlin

Duration?                30 minutes


After the devotion, the clergy will be happy to answer questions and exchange ideas.



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