Mewlid el-Nabi: the Prophet's birthday

Mewlid en-Nebi Mevlid Kandili Mohammed

On the occasion of Muhammad's birth (Peace Be Upon Him) Muslims all over the world commemorate their prophet. Imam Kadir Sanci invites to a special Mewlid celebration of the House of One, where a rabbi and a priest will also remember the prophets of their own religion, Moses and Jesus.

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With Mewlid an-Nebi the Muslims celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The Word of God, the Koran, was revealed to him. Muslims learn Islam from him and shape their lives according to his example. The celebration of his birth is therefore an important celebration in Islam. "We will open our doors to interested people and celebrate the birth of the Prophet with our guests," says Imam Kadir Sanci. In addition to recitations of the Koran, which will also be translated, and hymns of praise, the sermon will be dedicated to the life of the Messenger of God.

The special feature of this Mewlid celebration within the framework of our series "House of One as Guest ..." will be the look into the two other Abrahamitic religions. Rabbi Nachama will pay tribute to Moses, who 3000 years ago received God's word according to the Torah, and  Pastor Hohberg will remind of the history of Jesus, on whose Passion Christianity is built.


When?     Friday, November 8 at 5 p.m.

Where?     Kultur Akademie, Oranienstraße 55, 10969 Berlin


Imam Kadir Sanci (House of One)

Rabbiner Andreas Nachama (House of One)

Pfarrer Gregor Hohberg (House of One)

and other Koran reciters


- Seats are limited. Please register under

The prayer ends at 18.30, a small snack will be offered.

Invitation: After the Mewlid celebration everyone is invited to go with Rabbi, Imam and Pastor to the synagogue Sukkat Schalom in Charlottenburg for the Shabbat service with the designated Bishop Christian Stäblein. In the divine service, the Reichspogromnacht of November 9, 1938 will be thematized. Please make sure to indicate when registering if you wish to attend both events, as the places in the synagogue are also limited.

The Prophet was born in 571, the twelfth day in Rabi' al-Awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar. When he also lost his mother at the age of six, he was first placed in the care of his grandfather and after him in the care of his uncle. Various life circumstances prepared him for his forthcoming election. At the age of 40 he received the first revelation of the Koran and became a prophet.

The birthday of the Prophet is recognized and designated differently by Muslims worldwide, depending on the country and region. On the evening of Mewlid an-Nabi, an extended round of prayer and commemoration usually takes place in the mosque, in addition to the evening prayer. For this purpose Koransuren are recited, songs of praise are recited and blessings are repeated. Muhammad's life, his prophetic mission and above all his striving for a peaceful and respectful coexistence should be remembered as a model for all Muslims.

When leaving the mosque, a little something is usually distributed, for example "Kandil simidi" (pastries). To give someone a present, to offer food or to prepare another joy is considered a blessing and leads to the benevolence of God.

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Das Thema des aktuellen Abends ist "Gottes Bund", die Bündnisse zwischen Gott und verschiedenen Menschen in den abrahamitischen Religionen.