Mohammed caricature from the 16th century

Ausstellungsplakat, Lieux saints partagés (Detail), © Manoël Pénicaud / Le Pictorium

Blasphemy at Petriplatz - a medieval Mohammed caricature and its way to the House of One. In the event series "What unites us, what divides us", the House of One invites you to a conversation about criticism of religion and fear of God.



10178 Berlin

When the Ottoman armed forces besieged Vienna in 1529, Central Europe was frozen in fear and terror. The Turks were the "dangerous enemies" for the people of that time. These foreigners had to be fought with all their might. Fighting was not only with the sword, but also with words. The example of the Latin teacher Heinrich Knaust, who was rector of the Latin School on Petriplatz in Berlin in the 16th century, illustrates this very clearly. Knaust wrote one of the first German-language Mohamed biographies in which he drew a literary caricature of the Prophet.

The harsh utterances of the pedagogue Knaust sometimes seem surprisingly topical. Polemical, stereotypical or even blasphemous depictions of Mohammed in recent years have a similar sharpness - even beyond the infamous Mohammed cartoons of Danish draughtsmen.

We would like to invite you to a lecture followed by a discussion on criticism of religion and fear of God. What is criticism, what is abuses? Does God insult himself or does he need our defence?

The theologians Roland Stolte and Paul-Bernhard Elwert as well as Imam Osman Örs will discuss.
The evening will be moderated by the Jewish cantor Esther Hirsch.


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