Multi-religious Prayer for Peace - Livestream

House of One Friedensgebet Wien Vienna Terror Nizza Paris Samuel Paty

Multi-religious prayer for peace, for those affected by hatred and violence and for the victims of the attacks in Dresden, Paris, Nice and Vienna von Hass und Gewalt und für die Opfer  der Anschläge in Dresden, Paris, Nizza und Wien.

In cooperation with the House of One Foundation the St. Petri- St. Marien Gemeinde and the Evanglische Kirche Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz (EKBO) invite you to the Marienkirche in Berlin.

In the last weeks a large number of people have once again become victims of violence and attacks. The perpetrators are spreading fear and terror.

We want to counter this with a sign of common ground. We pray together across religious and cultural boundaries - Jews, Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims or Buddhists - each in their own tradition.




Bischop Emanuel von Christoupolis (Chairman ÖRBB and Grie.-Orth. Kirche)
Pröpstin Christina Bammel (EKBO)
Rabbi Dr. Andreas Nachama (House of One)
PriestGregor Hohberg (House of One)
Kübra Dalkilic (Muslim theologist)
Pfarrer Florian Erlenmeyer (Erzbistum Berlin)
Christiane Uekermann (Bodhicharya, Buddhist)
Marc Schneider (Buddhist)
Bernd Streich (Diözesanrat der Katholiken)
Ulf Martin Schmidt (Altkatholische Kirche),
Abuna Murat Üzel (Syrisch-orthodoxe Kirche),
Pastor Ryan White (Iranische-Presbyterianische Gemeinde)
Priest Eric Haußmann (St.Petri-St.Mariengemeinde)
Cantor and Director of Church Music Marie-Louise Schneider (St.Petri-St.Mariengemeinde)

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