Multireligious ceremony to remember terror attack in Halle

Juden, Christen und Muslime – Frauen wie Männer – des House of One laden zum gemeinsamen multireligiösen Gedenken am 9. Oktober, dem Jahrestag des Terroranschlags in Halle ein. Das Gebet kann via Stream auf dieser Webseite mitverfolgt werden.

An armed man attempted to storm the fully occupied synagogue on the highest Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur one year ago. That failed, but Jana L. and Kevin S., randomly selected victims, were killed instead.

In words and prayers Jana L. and Kevin S. shall be remembered during this prayer for peace in the Berlin Parochial Church on October 9, 2020 at 10 a.m. "We must not remain silent," says Pastor Gregor Hohberg of the House of One. Out of grief should not grow new hatred, but a respectful cooperation. "I am sure that the vast majority in this society condemns this hatred, these deeds from the bottom of their hearts.

Imam Kadir Sanci adds: "This majority must be loud. In these times, in which blind hatred of those of different faith, those who think or look differently, turns again and again into violence, this is more important than ever. "We must show our solidarity again and again, not only on days like these.

Halle is not an isolated case. Every day Germans of Jewish faith are insulted, belittled or denigrated as part of conspiracy myths in schools, in public, on the Internet or in the social media. Every day, Germans who are perceived by some as not being German enough are victims of insults and even violence. The most terrible example from recent times is the assassination attack in Hanau a good six months ago, when ten people were shot in a bar. Attention should also be drawn to them on that day.



Rabbin Andreas Nachama (House of One)
Pröpstin Christina-Maria Bammel (Evangelische Kirche Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz, EKBO)
Reverend Gregor Hohberg (House of One)
Imam Kadir Sanci (House of One)
Rabbi Jan Aaron Hammel (Chabad Lubawitsch)
Reverend Andreas Goetze (EKBO)
Peter Amsler (Baha'i)
Reverend Christopher Jage-Bowler (St. George's Anglican Church)
Michael Bäumer (Buddhist, Soka Gakkai)
Christiane Ueckermann (Buddhist, Bodhicharya)
Petra-Beate Schildbach (Sufi Movement)

Guests are unfortunately not able to participate, as the Parochial Church is undergoing renovation. However, the prayer will be streamed ive through the website of the House of One.

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