Peace prayer for Christchurch

Rabbi, priest and Imam of the House of One invite you to a prayer for peace. Together, each in his own tradition, we want to commemorate the dead of Christchurch and share the grief.

Klosterstraße 67
10179 Berlin

49 people died in Christchurch. They gathered in the mosque on Friday to pray when the perpetrator came. We want to remember the murdered and pray for them, for their families, for their friends.

Imam Kadir Sanci: "I also ask you, in your own way and tradition, to think of the victims, to pray for them. We are from God and we return to God. Inna lillahi we inna ileyhi radschi'un. Amin. So it says in the Koran. And so I pray for the dead."

"We - Jews, Christians and Muslims - want to pray side by side, because all people, regardless of what they believe, are part of a human family," said Pastor Gregor Hohberg. "Prayer, not revenge, is our answer to the hatred that turns fellow men into enemies."

Rabbi Andreas Nachama: "May the memory of these sacrifices become a blessing - may not only the people who are of good will, but all see that in every man created in the image of God there is a spark of divine blessing and with every murder a piece of divinity is destroyed".


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Berlin Saal