From peace prayers to the fall of the Berlin Wall

9. November Gedenken Mauerfall Friedensgebete Bernauer STraße
9. November: Orte der Religionen als Keimzellen der gewaltlosen Freiheitsbewegung

The churches in the former GDR played an important role in the peaceful revolution 30 years ago. Together with the Berlin based congregation Versöhnungsgemeinde and the Berlin Forum of Religions, the Jews, Christians and Muslims of the House of One and numerous representatives of other religions commemorate these dramatic months in 1989 two days before the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9.

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Open doors instead of closed borders, prayers instead of violence - this was the motto of the churches in the GDR, from whose peace prayers the protests against the then regime in East Berlin started. With a multi-religious peace prayer of the many the house invites to a commemoration in the reconciliation chapel on the former wall strip and continues this tradition.

Even today, open doors are needed to enable people of different worldviews, cultures and views to live together. Side by side we want to set a sign for a peaceful coexistence in the middle of the former wall strip.


When?     Thursday, November 7 at 10.30 a.m.

Where?     Kapelle der Versöhnung,
Bernauer Straße 4 (junction Hussitenstraße), 10115 Berlin


Rabbiner Andreas Nachama (House of One)

Pfarrer Gregor Hohberg (House of One)

Pfarrer Thomas Jeutner (Versöhnungsgemeinde)

Imam Osman Örs (House of One)

Reverent Jage-Bowler (St. George's Anglican Church)

Imam Taha Sabri (Dar-as-Salam Moschee)

Rabbiner Aaron Hammel (Chabad Lubawitsch)

Bernd Streich (Diözesanrat der Katholiken im Erzbistum)

Imam Said Ahmed Arif (Khadija Moschee)

Petra-Beate Schildbach (Sufi-Bewegung)

Peter Amsler (Bahai)

Gerdi Nützel (Evangelische Kirche)

Patricia Wulle (Asatru)

Haldhara Thaler (Hindu-Gemeinde)

Michael Bäumer (Soka Gakkai, Buddhist)


- The chapel is not heated, please dress warmly -

Afterwards there will be a small reception in the rooms of the congregation.

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