Shabbat service on Pogrom Night in 1938

Schabbatgottesdienst mit Gedenken an antisemitischen Terror in der Pogromnacht Kristallnacht 1938
Multi-religious remembrance of the anti-Jewish terror of the "Kristallnacht"

The synagogue congregation of Sukkat Schalom invites you to a multi-religious commemoration of the Reichspogromnacht, among others with Berlin's the designated protestant bishop Christian Stäblein. On November 9, 81 years ago, synagogues were destroyed in Germany and Germans of Jewish faith were arbitrarily arrested and abused.

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"The radicalization did not come overnight," says Rabbi Andreas Nachama, who also heads the  Topographie des Terros in Berlin, about the so-called "Kristallnacht". Neither the public at the time nor the majority of the churches addressed this crime. Many disapproved of the National Socialists' actions, but the fear was greater.

We must learn from these memories. On the 81st anniversary of the Torah, Propst Stäblein and Rabbi Nachama will emphasize on Noah's Torah Reading Day that there is only one common path for all people. Imam Kadir Sanci agrees: "It is important to maintain this culture of remembrance in order to pass on to future generations where hatred can lead. But that alone is not enough. We at House of One want to show what can be achieved with love and cohesion."


When?     Friday, November 8, 7.30 p.m.

Where?     Synagogue Sukkat Schalom, Herbartstraße 26, 14057 Berlin


Rabbiner Andreas Nachama (House of One)

Propst Christian Stäblein (Ev. Kirche Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz EKBO)

Pfarrer Gregor Hohberg (House of One)

Imam Kadir Sanci (House of One)

Music: Kantorin Esther Hirsch


- Seats are limited. Registration at -

Please schedule a few minutes for security check, too.

If you also want to attend the Mewlid celebration (in Kreuzberg) in honour of the birth of the Prophet with a view to the founders of the other Abrahamitic religions, please note this on your registration.

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