"Wie hältst du's mit dem Tod?"

Beerdigung Islam Christentum
Beerdigungsrituale im Christentum und Islam

Our Imam Osman Örs talks together with Dr. Andreas Goetze, pastor for the interreligious dialogue of the EKBO, in Neuruppin about Muslim and Christian care of the dying and funeral rituals.

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What comes after death? What support do Christian and Islamic traditions offer in the face of death? How can one accompany the dying well?

Every religion says goodbye to its dead in a different way. Christians often lay out the bodies of the deceased for a few days to say goodbye before they are buried or cremated. For Muslims, this is an unusually long period. If possible, they bury their deceased already after hours, wrapped only in cloths and face towards Mecca.

This evening will be about such traditions and rituals, their roots and development, as well as questions about the understanding of the transition from life to death in both religions.


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