Worship before Rosch Hashana

Imam Osman Örs und Kantorin Esther Hirsch
Das neue Jahr beginnt für Juden wie Muslime in der kommenden Woche.

Jews, Christians and Muslims take up shortly before the Jewish and Muslim New Year, Rosh Hashana and Hijra, the new beginning from the point of view of the different religions.

The Muslim sacrificial festival (Kurban) is hardly over when the Jewish New Year approaches,
Rosh Hashana, the time of reflection. But according to the Hijri calendar, the Muslim year also ends next week. The House of One takes these holidays as an opportunity to invite people to a cross-religious devotion in advance.  

On such holidays, apart from differences, once again common roots of the religions become visible. It is no coincidence that the ram's horn, the Schofar, is blown. If a ram was slaughtered for the Muslim feast of sacrifice in order to commemorate the willingness of Abraham to make sacrifices, who would have killed his own son on God's command, the sound of the ram horn is supposed to remind the Jewish faithful of their moral duties with a view to the coming year and to point them in the right direction.

Hijra, the Muslim New Year, is not a holiday like Rosh Hashana. The date reminds Muslims among other things of a sad event, the killing of the Prophet's youngest grandson and his family. At the same time, however, one also remembers the salvation of Noah and thus of mankind from the Flood. In particular, Shiite and Alevi believers in the first twelve days of the New Year and the month of Muharram engage in a funeral fast.

Our Jewish cantor Esther Hirsch will initiate the worship, followed by
Imam Osman Örs and Pastor Corinna Zisselsberger.
The choir of the Berlin synagogue Sukkat Schalom accompanies the devotion.

When?                        Wednesday, 5th 2018, 5.30 p.m.

Where?                       Pavilion of the House of One Petriplatz in Berlin-Mitte

Duration?                    30 minutes

Rosch Hashana starts this year with the sunset on Sunday, 9 September, and ends with the dawn of the night on Tuesday 11 September; the muslim new year Hijra on Monday evening 10 September and ends the following evening Wednesday 12 September.


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Kleiner Säulensaal in der ZLB