'You shall not murder'

Gedenken Wannsee Konferenz jüdisch-christlich

On the anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, we will provide a Jewish-Christian devotion on our website. The Prayer was organised by the Evangelische Kirche Berlin-Brandenburg schlesische Oberlausitz (EKBO) and the Archdiocese of Berlin as well as our Rabbi Andreas Nachama and Cantor Esther Hirsch.

'You shall not murder'. This is one of God's ten commandments written in the Torah and the Bible. Regardless of this commandment 15 high-ranking representatives of the Nazi regime met in a villa on the lakeside of Berlin's Wannsee on 20 January 1942. The delegates from the SS, the NSDAP and the Reich ministries discussed how the 'Final Solution of the Jewish Question', the murder of Jews throughout Europe, could be realised as efficiently as possible. At that time the systematic murder already started. This will be remembered in the Jewish-Christian service. Two other events will be mentioned: the Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is celebrated this year for the 25th time on the occasion of the liberation of Auschwitz (27 January 1945), and the invasion of the Soviet Union by the German Wehrmacht (22 June 1941).


The devotion was recorded at the Sukkat Schalom synagogue in Berlin-Charlottenburg and will be available via this link on Wednesday, 20 January 2021, from 6pm.




Esther Hirsch (Cantor at Sukkat Shalom Synagogue and theological advisor at the House of One)
Rabbi Andreas Nachama (Chairman of the Allgemeine Rabbinerkonferenz, the Synagoge Sukkat Shalom and member of the presidium of the House of One)
Pastor Lutz Nehk (Commissioner of the Archdiocese of Berlin for Remembrance Culture)
Pastor Marion Gardei (Commissioner of EKBO for Remembrance Culture)
Karlotta Greinert (Violin)

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