Transcultural end-of-life care at Lazarus Hospice, Berlin-Mitte

About 870,000 people in Berlin are themselves immigrants or from families who came to Germany. Some of the city's districts are home to an above-average proportion – the Mitte-Wedding district the highest at 45 percent. Such multiculturalism affords Berlin an openness, diversity and breadth of tradition almost unheard of elsewhere in Germany. Many of these people, however, are not aware of social support they can make use of, creating a phenomenon of exclusion for these groups.

This is particularly noticeable with end-of-life care: How can it be properly designed for those “far from a longed-for home” and how do we ensure that people of other nationalities and religions, for whom Berlin has become a second home, are made aware of such social support and make use of it? To this end, the “End-of-life far from home” project began in March 2013 with the transcultural Lazarus Hospice in Berlin-Mitte.

On 31 October 2014, House of One's board members, Gregor Hohberg and Roland Stolte, met Elizabeth Schmidt-Pabst to learn more about the work that doesn't make the spotlight but is ever so important. The purpose was to begin to find ways the hospice and House of One could work together. For House of One's part, we are keen to keep on this theme and find timely ways to cooperate.

Lazarus Hospice, Berlin-Mitte

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