Friday, March 15, 2019

Jews, Christian and Muslim stand together against terror

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Cardinal, Rabbi, Pastor and Imam of the House of One commemorate the
Murdered in New Zealand

Together with Cardinal Dieudonné Nzapalainga and Imam Layama Kobiné, partners and currently guests of the House of One, clergy, staff and guests of the House of One held a minute's silence on Friday to commemorate the victims of the shocking assassination attempt on praying people in two mosques in New Zealand.

"We, the religious leaders of the Interfaith Platform of Central Africa, would like to express our shock at the drama in New Zealand. From the bottom of our hearts we feel with the families and brothers and sisters of the bereaved and express our condolences," said Cardinal Nzapalainga, Imam Kobine and Pasteur Sing-Na, who in their homeland, the Central African Republic, have for years been confronted daily with violence against believers or attempting to exploit Muslims and Christians for acts of violence.

Imam Kadir Sanci of the House of One also expressed his shock: "Friday is a special day for Muslims, a beautiful day. The news from New Zealand has turned today's day of celebration into a day of mourning. Terror has different faces and all are cruel. We need in every country, in every city places like the House of One, where people of every religion, every ideology come together, meet, exchange. Only in this way can we hold together against any terror, no matter from which direction it may come. My congregation and I today remembered the souls of the deceased and their relatives in Friday prayer. I also ask you, in your own way and tradition, to think of the victims, to pray for them. From God we are and to God we return. Inna lillahi we inna ileyhi radschi'un. Amin. So it says in the Koran. And so I pray for the dead."

Rabbi Andreas Nachama, chairman of the foundation, joined in with the following words: "I would like to express my great dismay and condolences to all Muslim brothers and sisters. It is simply unbelievable what people can and want to do to people. Let us pray and hope that the families directly affected will be comforted by HIM. May the memory of these sacrifices become a blessing - may not only the people who are of good will, but all see that in every person created in the image of God there is a spark of divine blessing and with every murder a piece of divinity is destroyed".

Pastor Gregor Hohberg, like Imam and Rabbi part of the board of the foundation: "We pray side by side, because all people, regardless of what they believe, are part of a human family. Praying, not revenge, is our answer to the hatred that turns fellow human beings into enemies".

Commemoration on Sunday, 17 March 2019, 10:30 a.m.

On Sunday, the murdered will be remembered in interreligious hospitality together with Imam Osman Örs (House of One) during the divine service in St. Mary's Church on Alexanderplatz.

Church congregations throughout Germany commemorate the persecuted Christians worldwide on this day. "Hate, no matter from which direction it comes, is destructive", says Pastor Eric Haußmann of the parish of St.Petri-Marien, who will lead the service on Sunday.


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