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Laying of the foundation stone of the House of One in spring 2020

Berlin, 16.01.2019
press release

Laying of the foundation stone of the House of One in spring 2020

Preparation of the construction phase celebrated with ceremonial act in the pavilion at Petriplatz

For one year, the pavilion on Petriplatz served as a placeholder for the upcoming House of One. With the dismantling of the wood-plexiglas structure, preparations begin for the construction phase of this worldwide unique sacred building, under whose roof a synagogue, a church and a mosque will be grouped around a central room accessible to all. During the festive finissage at the House of One Pavilion this Wednesday, the next important date was also announced: The foundation stone will be laid on 14 April 2020.

"This is an important step towards the structural completion of our interreligious peace project," Rabbi Andreas Nachama, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the House of One, said at the finissage on Wednesday. "For several years now we have been active in interreligious dialogue and - Jews, Christians and Muslims together - in our daily work in the House of One Foundation we contribute time and again to more understanding, tolerance and togetherness in our society.

Parallels to the Ring Parable

The finissage will be the last celebration on Petriplatz until the laying of the foundation stone, on the anniversary of the premiere of Lessing's drama "Nathan the Wise" in Berlin in 1783. The drama is a plea for humanism and peaceful understanding between religions and society. "At that time, Berlin opened up for the first performance of Lessing's important, then highly controversial work, and today we are grateful that Berlin opens up again, this time for the House of One," said Imam Kadir Sanci, member of the Presidium of the House of One.

His colleague on this committee, Pastor Gregor Hohberg, added: "The openness today can and will not only affect the three religions that are the founders of the House of One Foundation, but it goes far beyond that and invites atheists, religious seekers and other religions to engage in dialogue". A few years ago a newspaper text even read: "Lessing's ring parable becomes architecture". A beautiful parallel that is worth thinking about.

Preparing the construction phase                                                                                                         

First, however, the archaeologists will return again before the building site of the once swampy floodplain is fortified in the centre of Berlin. Around 70 concrete piers over 30 meters long have to be drilled into the ground to stabilize the ground. Only then can construction of the House of One begin on the foundations of the former Petri Church, Berlin's first church.

Three years are planned for the construction of the House of One. The construction costs amount to 43.5 million euros. 8.5 million euros in donations and contributions have already been received, 10 million euros have been pledged by the federal government - with the proviso that the state of Berlin and private donors will each contribute a further 10 million euros. The remaining gap of five million euros will be closed with crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns.

The educational work of the interreligious team in the House of One as well as corresponding workshops, presentations or events of the House of One Foundation will be continued unaffected by this.

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