The initiators

The House of One is the product of a grassroots group of three religious communities. The initial idea came from the protestant church community St. Petri-St. Marien which then joined forces with the Jewish community of Berlin, together with the rabbinical seminary Abraham-Geiger-Kolleg, and the Muslim initiative for dialogue Forum Dialog e.V..

Minister Gregor Hohberg about The House of One. / Pfarrer Gregor Hohberg über das House of One

"This square, where the city first came into existence and where its first church stood, is now to be home to the future. From the foundations of the old churches will grow a new place of worship, one that will allow people of different faiths to pray side by side. The people who come here will remain true to their own religion, continue to draw from its power, and engage in peaceable dialogue with one another and with members of the city’s secular population. This house will be home to equality, peace, and reconciliation."

Gregor Hohberg


Rabbi Tovia BenChorin about The House of One. / Rabbiner Tovia BenChorin über das House of One.

"A place that has darkness in its past has the potential for peace in its future. As a Jew, I associate Berlin with memories of pain and deep wounds – but that is not the end of the story. The city has also been a place of alternative paths, a place of enlightenment and of the development of Jewish life. When the Jews were expelled from Spain, they did not return to the country for 500 years. But in Berlin, when the Second World War ended in 1945, the Jews who had been in hiding and those who had fled to the country immediately began rebuilding a new Jewish life in the city. For me, Berlin is all about remembrance and rebirth."

Tovia BenChorin


Imam Kadir Sanci about The House of One. / Imam Kadir Sanci über das House of One

"The equal relationship between the religions that defines the work within the association and that was applied in all the decision-making processes throughout the architectural competition highlights one of the hallmarks of The House of One: an atmosphere of openness that gives us, Muslims in this city and in this country, a publicly tangible place to call home and a place where we are taken seriously – in the way we interpret and observe our religion, and in the way it can be part of a fruitful exchange with the city and other religions."

Kadir Sanci