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Newsletter 01/2022 - War in Europe - Religions  for Peace

"This war in Europe is a warning", Dr. Malkhaz Songulashvili, Metropolitan Bishop of Tbilisi and ambassador of the House of One in Georgia stated: "This war also demonstrates, how important it is to look for peace among the religions, without which there is almost no chance to achieve peace worldwide." Building peace, talking about peace, celebrating peace beyond all diversities is
the core message of the House of One.

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Newsletter 04/2021 - Donate & Write your wish on an House of One-brick

More than ever before, we look for an open togetherness, for acceptance, curiosity and regard for one another in our society. The House of One is a place that makes such encounters possible. A place where people come together to talk to each other and not about each other. A place to learn from each other and together make our world a better place.

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Newsletter 03/2021 - Fundraising Campaign Eid alAdha

This year, the House of One is again organising a fundraising campaign together with the aid organisation Time to Help e.V.. The qurbani offerings for the celebration of Eid alAdha and the vegetarian aid packages will be distributed to people in need in the Central African Republic, regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliation.

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Newsletter 02/2021 - Upcoming groundbreaking Ceremony!

2011 to 2021 - ten years lie between the idea of the House of One and the upcoming groundbreaking ceremony on 27 May 2021. Thank you for everything you have already done for the House of One and thank you for everything that is still to come: because we need you!

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Newsletter 11/2017

In February 2018 we will be opening our House of One pavilion at Petriplatz in Berlin! In this newsletter you will also learn about first results of trips of House of One delegates to the US and Kyrgyzstan.

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Newsletter 10/2017

Find out about our activities in the last weeks and read a report of our Imam Osman Örs, who travelled to Albania and the Kosovo.

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Newsletter 09/2017

We are looking back on our activities in September and send out an invitation to the final celebration of our project "Young House of One".

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Newsletter 08/2017

We’re back from out short summer break with the latest news and upcoming events for the next weeks. We are inviting everyone to visit us at Petriplatz this month. Every Wednesday in our garden – or for our Prayer for Peace on September 10th!

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Newsletter 07/2017

The newsletter 07/2017 comes with a review of two festivals in the pavilion of the House of One in Wittenberg, Whitsun and Ramadan. We also celebrated a worship service for the peace run of the school foundation of EKBO. Read also an outlook on upcoming dates.

Enjoy reading.

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Newsletter 06/2017

In the current newsletter (06/2017), you will read a review of the "Young House of One" project and the opening ceremony for our pavilion at the Wittenberg Reformation World Exhibition and the Kirchentag in Berlin. We are also very pleased that we were able to welcome a representative of the Peace Platform from Bangui / ZAR. We also discussed further ways and possibilities for cooperation. Also, there is a report and impressive pictures. In the end, a brief look at upcoming events.

Enjoy reading.

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Newsletter 04/2017

Here for you to read the Newsletter 03/2017 with reports on the latest developments in the House of One, visits of the clergy with friendly initiatives in Hungary, current donation campaigns and a preview of the upcoming events. We hope you enjoy reading!

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