Monday, September 14, 2015

Architectural competition at the comprehensive school Oldenburg

The teacher Jule Sommerberg from the comprehensive school Oldenburg has performed over the past school year with 120 students a series on religion and war and religion and peace at school. It was also working intensive about the House of One. The students have organized a private architectural competition, developed models and crowned two winners. End of June 2015 have the students Pastor Eric Haußmann presented some models from the House of One via FaceTime conference and discussed about the House of One.

The following questions have the students particularly interested in:

- Could you incorporate our great architectural designs, because they are simply better than yours?
- How does it work where adults known to constantly argue about religion?
- Since the class is of the firm opinion that religion can not create peace, how can conflicts be resolved?
- How do you get people to visit your house?

The most important place in almost all of the designs of the students was a common dining room - because having a meal together just manages what the religions never succeed: to create peace. So: where are the Muslims during Ramadan?

We are very pleased about the great creativity and interest in our project. Shown here are some pictures of the designs.
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