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Monday, 18 Jan 2021

Benefits and downsides of Religion

"The House of One in Berlin-Mitte, or: On the benefits and downsides of religions for our lives" - this was the title of the lecture given by Roland Stolte, Administrative Director of the Foundation House of One on 8 December 2020. The Theologian addressed the basic idea of the 'House of Religions' in Berlin. You can find the entire lecture (german) here.

Although religious institutions in Germany are continuously losing members, religion is not disappearing from our society. The need for an immovable support in life, for something people can attach their hearts to, remains great. This is expressed in new religious forms and phenomena, both real and virtual. Some of this phenomena are meaningful, some harmless, but there are extremist views threatening our society. The old and traditional distinction of "true" and "false" religion takes on a new urgency and modernity together with the question what role the religious and religions should play in our society. Is religion a benefit or downside?

In the House of One, as a house of prayer and teaching, the distinction between benefit and disadvantage is considered and practised for the sake of living together in our society. The House of One therefore belongs in the midst of society - and everyone is invited to make a donation to help build this symbol of peace and understanding and thus become part of the project, which has in the meantime achieved a great international impact. The idea will continue to gain strength with everyone who helps to realise it. Build with us!

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