Wednesday, May 11, 2022

House of One - Podcast nominated for Deutscher Digital Award

The Podcast of the House of One "331 - 3 women, 3 religions, 1 topic" (the original title is in german) has been nominated for the Deutscher Digital Award. "How crazy is that?" was the first spontaneous reaction of Rebecca Rogowski, who is one of the podcasters next to Maike Schöfer and Dübra Dalkilic. Wednesday, May 11th the winners of the award have been announced in Berlin. "331" did not actually end up winning the award, but "to be nominated alone is already an honor!"






The Deutscher Digital Award (german digital award, short: DDA) is one of the most prestigious awards for german-speaking territories, honoring the work of creative agencies in digital space. This year 152 blogs, apps, online magazines and Social Media campaigns have been designated for the shortlist by the jury - the podcast "331" was among them. The three podcasters, who are sharing their everyday experiences from a jewish, muslim or christian perspective as openly and realistic as possible, obviously struck a nerve. "We're taking the interreligious dialogue off those podiums and right into your ear" Maike Schöfer once explained. That it works becomes clear foremost through all the mails and invitations Rebecca Rogowski, Meike Schöfer and Kübra Dakilic are recieving.


Listen to the newest episode #25 of "331 - 3 Frauen, 3 Religionen, 1 Thema":

(at this point, the podcast is availabe exclusively in german)