Sunday, May 19, 2019

Intercultural Education

Exploring houses of prayer together, seeking out conversations, putting yourself in the shoes of supposed strangers – the House of One offers all who are interested different opportunities to get to know other life perspectives from different religions. Since November of 2018, an equally staffed team has been developing workshops for school classes, businesses, and groups of adults. Interest in our interreligious peace project was high from the start with the wish to learn more about the House of One’s idea and the architecture of the future multi-religious house. We have steadily expanded our programming for all interested since then.

Over 600 people have participated in our workshops. It is always astounding how many questions children, teenagers, and adults ask us and what amazing ideas for peaceful coexistence arise.

The following two examples exemplify the House of One’s educational work: the JAMIL group (Youth Ministry in Muslim and intercultural environments) from Bremen came to visit. JAMIL has made it its mission to support young individuals in their search for religious meaning and orientation within Islam: in addition to grappling with questions of belief, of belonging and identity JAMIL also accompanies these young individuals in their free time. The House of One’s Jewish, Christian, and Muslim consultants also spoke about their own lives within the context of the House of One workshops, during which fascinating differences and surprisingly many similarities across religious boundaries came to light.

Education adviser Çağatay Çalışkan visited the Evangelical School Neuruppin for a teacher’s training on the topic of radicalization. Lively discussion about Islamization and right-wing extremism took place. Together the teaching staff and Çalışkan developed the content and methods for a Religious Education Day that took place shortly afterwards on the 17th of July in Neuruppin. The House of One’s Education Team supported the teachers of the 5th and 6th grades on this day.

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