Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Prayer for Vienna

On 3 November, the day after the terrible attack in Vienna, we - Jews, Christians and Muslims of the House of One - met for a few minutes of silence and to remember and pray together for the victims of the attack. Bishop Christian Stäblein, Rabbi Andreas Nachama, Pastor Gregor Hohberg and Imam Osman Örs prayed together, each of them in their own tradition. Everyone was invited to share some moments of reflection with us during a livestream.  



Pastor Hohberg: "We pray for those affected. We also ask for understanding, reconciliation and peace. We pray side by side across religious and cultural differences".

Rabbi Nachama: "The incident is a shame, it could happen anywhere. Anyone who followed the news last night will see that for a long time it was not clear whether it was a dischihadist or right-wing extremist attack on the synagogue in the Street ‚Seitenstettengasse‘ or, as it turned out, on the city center. It might sound crazy, but the course of events of both the dischihadist and the extreme right-wing terror is the same. And both have the same goal: they attack liberal societies.

Bishop Stäblein: "The terrorist murders in Vienna shocked me. My thoughts and prayers are with the relatives of the murdered and with the injured. We must not accept the Islamic terror in Europe, in Nice, Lyon and now in Vienna. Together we stand against it. The peaceful power of religions must not be destroyed by terrorists.

Imam Örs: "Man is sacred and life is sacred. God alone determines when he takes the soul of a person to himself. This holiness of man has been defiled in the name of God, also in the name of God, spread terror in Vienna, France and elsewhere. We - Jews, Christians and Muslims - are aware of our responsibility and call for prudence and solidarity. Vienna, we mourn with you, we suffer with you. We mourn for the dead. May they rest in peace."