Monday, July 8, 2019

Relief Campaign for the Central African Republic

Plateforme des confessions religieuses de centrafrique - PCRC

On the Occasion of the Muslim Festival “Eid Al-Adha” until August 9th

The Islamic high festival “Eid-al-Adha” – also known as the Kurban Festival – annually calls upon people and believers to take responsibility for others and support those in need.


In this spirit of solidarity, the following words of the Prophet Muhammed have been passed down: “It is not proper for a believer with a full stomach to walk around while his neighbour suffers from hunger.”


In the same spirit, the words of the great Jewish scholar and Rabbi Leo Baeck come to mind. He said: "People and peoples and confessions will remain divorced, will live on in their particularity, but they will know that they belong together, are parts of one humanity, shall live together on this earth, seeing and understanding one another, and, if it is necessary, helping one another". These sentences are part of the House of One Charter. They read like a summary of what makes the House of One what it is.   


"...seeing and understanding one another, and, if need be, helping one another." We are here to help. In the Central African Republic, one of the poorest countries in the world, and the home of one of our partner organisations, there is great need. For almost four years, we have been working closely with the Interreligious Platform in the capital Bangui. In an admirably courageous way Protestants, Catholics and Muslims work together to put an end to the fighting in their country.


Political crises and violence have dominated life for decades in this southern African country. For some years now, the warring parties have been trying to incite discord among Muslims and Christians who have lived together peacefully. The platform’s clergy received the Aachen Peace Prize in 2015 for their untiring commitment to work across religious borders.


But we also want to provide immediate help. For the occasion of the Muslim Kurban Festival, Jews, Christians and Muslims have joined forces in Germany to help people in need in the Central African Republic. According to the UN, one in every two of the country’s 4.6 million inhabitants is dependent on humanitarian aid; a third of the population does not have enough food.


We want to help these people! In cooperation with the aid organisation "Time to Help" in Germany and together with the "Duha Association", which has been cooperating with the Interreligious Platform in Bangui for many years, we are collecting donations. During the Kurban Festival, we will distribute food and presents to people in need, regardless of their religion, under the auspices of the platform.


Support this campaign until August 9th with a donation or a cure!

A cure is a donation for the needy, to which Muslims are called to give every year on the Feast of Sacrifice (Kurban Festival). With such a donation or gift, you can take responsibility for others and help not only as a Muslim, but also as a member of any other religion or as a person without religious affiliation.


With your donations you help people in Central Africa and at the same time strengthen the idea of interreligious understanding in our one world house.


A delegation from the House of One will hand over the relief supplies to local partners of the Interreligious Platform in the Central African Republic. The relief action is an initiative of House of One, Duha Association, Time to Help e.V. and the Interreligious Peace Platform PCRC (Plateforme des Confessions Religieuses de Centrafrique).


1. 120 € per cure

2. a donation for a vegetarian aid package is € 50


We ask you to donate your Kurban or relief goods to the following account by the 9th of August 2019:


Time to Help registered association.

IBAN: EN18 5502 0500 0008 6379 00

Purpose: #HouseofOneSolidarity 



Celal Findik (Member of the Board of Trustees of the House of One)

At the end of August, a travel report will inform you about the distribution of the food in words and pictures.

Thank you very much for your support!