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In 2008, Rabbi Golan Ben-Chorin founded HaiFIC, the Haifa Forum for Interfaith Cooperation.. The idea behind it was to show Israeli society ways beyond polarization and that there can be friendship across cultural and religious divides. A few years ago, the Haifa municipality donated land to HaiFIC. As Ben-Chorin became better acquainted with the House of One, the idea was born to create a "Garden of One" there. Currently, a group from different faith traditions, genders and worldviews is laying the theoretical foundations for this inspirational, interactive, outdoor encounter with Haifa's faith-based diversity which includes five organized cultures / religions; Baha'i, Druze, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It will be designed as a spiritual hub for pluralism in the heart of Haifa. A space of sacred inspiration and educational programming designed to break down walls of fear, remove barriers and invite unfettered interaction.

The garden will include natural and manufactured elements representing inspirational spiritual aspects of the above mentioned worldviews of Haifa's population. An additional element of the garden will be dedicated to the recognition of a common human existence. Augmented reality components and Edu-tech elements embedded in the garden will offer enhanced experiences, educational activities and opportunities for interactive engagement.


Four planned tiers of engagement at Garden of One:

·       Inspiration; the impact of spontaneous interaction with the garden

·       Education; facilitated programming, augmented reality and embedded edu-tech.

·       Celebration; ceremonies, events and occasions celebrated at the site.

·       Research; Utilizing the site, its processes and activities for research on the contribution of shared spiritual spaces necassary to reach and sustain a pluralistic society.

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