Monday, November 18, 2019

9,5 Millionen Euro for the House of One

The Bundestag has released further funds for the construction of the Three Religion House in Berlin. On Friday night, the budget committee increased federal funding by 9.5 million euros. In addition to a subsidy of 1.5 million euros in 2020, a further eight million euros are expected for the following years. "We are very pleased with the trust and support of the Federal Government," said Roland Stolte, Administrative Director of the Foundation.

Thus, the sum contributed by the Confederation to the construction of the interreligious peace project by Jews, Christians and Muslims amounts to 19.5 million euros. The state of Berlin had also pledged 10 million euros. Together with other donations and contributions, the majority of the construction costs for the House of One, amounting to 47.2 million euros, are covered. There remains a gap of about 9 million Euro, which is to be closed with crowdfunding and other fundraising campaigns.

The foundation stone for the House of One will be laid on 14 April 2020, the anniversary of the world premiere of Lessing's "Nathan the Wise". In the dramatic poem, tolerance among religions is promoted in the famous ring parable.

At the same time, the interreligious content and educational work of the foundation runs parallel. This work is also financed by grants, for example from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, and donations.