Saturday, December 12, 2020


The federal government supports the construction of the House of One with additional 10 million Euro. "We are extremely grateful for this demonstrated commitment of the German Federal Government supporting religious communities and the House of One's message of peace in these difficult times", Roland Stolte, Administrative Director of the House of One, stated this Wednesday. "Now the House of One can continue to grow."

Rabbi Andreas Nachama, Chairman of the Foundation Board, added: "The Project House of One, which we as Jews, Christians and Muslims are planning, building and already filling with life is unique in the world. It is a strong statement that the Parliament recognizes this specificity with its support. The exchange of the three Abrahamic religions amongst one other, with other religions and society, is an important signal and a clear message to all those who abuse religions for divisive purposes". The Bundestag will finally discuss the federal budget from December 8 to 11.

In total, the federal government will contribute 20 million Euro to the construction of the House of One. An additional ten million has been granted by the state of Berlin. With private donations and grants, the majority of the construction costs of 47 million Euro is secured. The remaining deficit of nearly eight million euro is to be raised through the House of One’s capital campaign.

In the coming year construction work will commence including a symbolic groundbreaking. The ceremony originally scheduled for April 14, 2020, had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the House of One, a sacred building is being created in a new type of architectural language in the center of Berlin with a synagogue, a church and a mosque under one roof - connected by the Fourth Room, a communal meeting space in the center of the building welcoming all: People of other religions and world views as well as the secular society are explicitly invited to this Fourth Room.