Friday, July 17, 2015

Flashback to fundraising campaigns first year

In early June we looked back on the first year of our fundraising campaign. The global coverage, more than 1300 “co-owners” in about 39 countries and the lots of impressive messages that reached us have shown how far the idea of the House of One is been carried out and how great the need is for such a ,built peace symbol'.

We know that the donation needs to grow in order to achieve the required sum of 10 million euros to start the construction with. A variety of connections to individuals, foundations and public institutions give us the hope that we will move forward in the near future. The goal remains: to lay the foundation stone in 2018.

But one thing must be said in the same breath: The decisive factors are not the financial aspects. Already now the basic idea of a dialogue between religions is taking place with great dynamics in quite different forms: requests from schools as well as from interreligious partner projects at home and abroad. In addition the exchange with universities, with artists and with actors of the political and civil society have increased to an extent that we all can hardly follow up.

In this respect each stage, even before the foundation ceremony, has his own meaning and value. For example the forthcoming planning of interiors as an opportunity to pursue the relationship of religion to contemporary art. Also formed in the coming weeks, supported by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, an interfaith experts to deepen the many, expressed on the social media channels of the website of the house of one question about the religions and respond with care to.

In addition we have to mention the many contacts, which has been established in the last months with project partners abroad, which is one focus of our work in the coming months. To consistently respond to others and to help in great sensitivity partners around the world, to encourage and enrich each other – for such an important action in the one "World House" the cooperation with Gitarama in Rwanda is an impressing model for our future work.

Bild: © Anna Poeschel