Friday, October 12, 2018

Freiheit verteidigen

House of One


Jews, Muslims and Christians read together Article 4 of the German constitution on Religious Freedom

The House of One participates in the mass demonstration #unteilbar on Saturday, October 13th, in Berlin. "We are all jointly responsible for maintaining and reviving peaceful coexistence in our society," says Imam Osman Örs. His colleague, the Jewish cantor Esther Hirsch, adds: "Whether we say salaam, shalom or peace - we mean the same thing". Since 2011, Jews, Christians and Muslims in Berlin have been working together to create a place of peace with the House of One. "This is only possible because Article 4 of the Basic Law guarantees the freedom of faith as well as of religious and worldly confessions," says Hirsch. We defend this freedom.

To emphasize the importance of this fundamental right, Esther Hirsch, Osman Örs and Kristin Bohner (Education Officer of the House of One) will publicly read Article 4 in a small ceremony.

Where?           In front of the pavilion of the House of One near Petriplatz, Berlin-Mitte
When?           Saturday, 13.10.18, between 1.30 and 2.30 p.m.

The action is part of the performance of the artist collective "Die Verfassungsschatzis", which wants to make the Constitution (Grundgesetz) heard at several stations along the demonstration route.

After Munich and Hamburg, the Berlin demonstration is the third major rally under the motto "Autumn of Solidarity" against racism, xenophobia and the increasing influence of the far right. On October 3, around 40,000 people were already on the street in Munich, and 30,000 in Hamburg on September 29.

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