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Wednesday, 18 Oct 2023

Multi-faith appeal for peace for Israel and Gaza

Rabbiner Nachama, Imam Sanci und Pfarrer Hohberg appellieren an alle Seiten für Frieden in Gaza und Israel.

Not only after the bombing of the hospital in Gaza, already since the terrorist attack on Israel, many people turn to the House of One. Not all questions can be answered directly, so Rabbi Andreas Nachama, Pastor Gregor Hohberg and Imam Kadir Sanci turn to the public in this way, via the website of the House of One.

Imam Kadir Sanci emphasizes the message of the House of One: "Believe differently, live together - that is our message. These days, it may sound like a utopia. But it is our way and it is possible." Commenting on the reports reaching us on many channels since October 7, the Muslim cleric goes on to say, "I am heartbroken when I see the images of the Palestinian injured and dead from Gaza, just as I am heartbroken when I think of the Israeli displaced, injured and dead. Any attacks on civilians, by anyone, we will not tolerate. Those who also celebrate such attacks cannot be our friends."


"We mourn with the victims of all sides"


Rabbi Andreas Nachama: "We mourn with all the victims. We must try to help to get out of the spiral of ever widening violence. As long as there is war in the Holy Land of our three religions, there is no end to the bloodshed. The situation is very heated. All the more reason to keep a cool head and seek peace." A look at recent European history, he said, shows how long-enemy nations - Germany and France, for example - can succeed in uniting to form a peaceful continent despite unimaginable hatred and countless deaths on both sides.


Pastor Gregor Hohberg emphasizes: "Many people are desperate, sore, helpless. In Israel, in Gaza and in many places - also here in Germany, in Berlin. It makes angry when people are made victims, when innocent people suffer and die. But hate and violence do not help the victims. They don't help anyone. They do not alleviate pain and grief. They increase suffering and prolong it."

When asked what can help in this situation, Hohberg answers: "Show compassion - with all those affected, regardless of their religion or origin, regardless of the friend-foe scheme. Take side of the victims and those in need, regardless of whether they are Israelis, Palestinians, Jews or Muslims, Christians or seculars. They are all human beings!"

The way people have reacted to each other so far does not work, he said. Violence and counter-violence form a spiral that leads to ruin. The time has come to relate to each other in a new way and to try to heal deep hurts.

"This includes seeking conversation, talking to each other, listening to each other. To open up to the other. To recognize that the other is a human being, like me, born of a mother, vulnerable and needy. He too loves and suffers. To recognize the pain and needs of others. To take our own seriously. This takes time and courage. That is what we try to do in the House of One. The more people set out and stand up for non-violent solutions, the sooner they will become reality. Here in Berlin, in Israel, in Gaza and worldwide. Let us put everything on the line for this. All our humanity, our faith, our love."

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