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Friday, 30 Oct 2020

Nice attack: Misuse of Islam

Terror Nizza Islamist Islam Attentat

With speechlessness and infinite sadness we - Jews, Christians and Muslims - of the House of One have taken note of the brutal murder attack in the French city of Nice.

The clergy and all staff at House of One condemn this terror in the name of religion. "We sit across from each other in mutual respect and love," says Rabbi Andreas Nachama, who with Pastor Gregor Hohberg and Imam Osman Örs commemorated the two women and the man who were murdered in Nice Cathedral in a multi-faith prayer for peace (you can find the video recording below in the text). Rev. Gregor Hohberg: "We seek comfort and understanding together - Jews, Christians and Muslims in the House of One."

"Allahu akbar - great alone are you".

"Allahu akbar" - with these words Imam Osman Örs begins his contribution. The murderer shouted them and apparently wanted to justify his deed with them. "But these words are far from having even a hint of violence in them. With these words we believers begin our daily prayer. With these words we seek connection with God and peace," the cleric said. "We, Muslims, must not only speak out firmly against such violence, but also resolutely seek ways to deprive these proponents of violence of any intellectual breeding ground."

Unidentified object

The day before, the day of the attack, Imam Kadir Sanci said, "How hateful and disturbed one must be to commit such an inhumane act. I can hardly find words. Too often we have had to complain about such brutes. Also this time we will pray together - each in his tradition - for the three killed, the injured, the relatives. Our deepest sympathy, thoughts and sorrow are with them."

"This is not a fight between Christianity and Islam"




However, Imam Sanci and fellow members of the House of One do not want to leave it at that. "We will not let such brutes divert us from our path of understanding and togetherness between people of all religions and world views. We stand together." Only in this way, by example, can we show such lost people, Muslims, ways out of this web of horror, he said. "This is not a battle between Christianity and Islam. Religion, in this case my religion, is being abused."

The majority of people, Imam Sanci is sure, condemn this hatred and consequent acts from the bottom of their hearts. "We are all creatures of the one God. May God stand by us! “

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