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Thursday, 17 Feb 2022

Remembering Hanau

Commemoration of the nine young people murdered two years ago in a right wing terrorist attack in the German town of Hanau.

Nine people lost their lives on february 19 2020 in Hanau in a gruesome terrorist attack. Rabbi Andreas Nachama, Pastor Gregor Hohberg and Imam Kadir Sanci are collectively remembering the young woman and eight young men that were murdered out of racist motives. They speak a Christian, Muslim and Jewish language, yet they have a collective goal: protection of all people, protection of diversity.


"May their names be never forgotten, may we all build them a monument, a monument of living together in peace and respect", Rabbi Nachama states in the Jewish-Christian-Muslim prayer on tape:





Pastor Hohberg describes the convultion of society that still shows its effect today: Scars have covered up the wounds, but the pain stayed. The questions, the cluelessness stayed. The doubting of the authority's will to clear things up has stayed."


Interreligious agains hate and racism


This as well as all other attacks of this kind, randomly committed out of hate against the innocent concerns all people. "What to do?" Imam Sanci asks. "We all collectively bear the responsibility and have the duty to protect." This duty can be expressed in educational work, in prevention or in acts of civil courage.


It is also the duty of the House of One, the house that will be the outer shell for a Synagogue, Church and Mosque framing a room of encounter. The house where Jewish, Christian and Muslim people will work together to defend a peaceful togetherness, a society without antisemitism, without islamophobic intentions, without racism and other forms of inhuman hatred. "We are speaking a Christian, Jewish and Muslim language", states Imam Sanci, "but we have the same goal.".



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