Saturday, October 6, 2018


Sunday is also the beginning of autumn when Christians celebrate Thanksgiving. As one of the last Sundays of the Christian church year, this, as well as the recently celebrated Jewish Weekly and Feast of Tabernacles, picks up on the subject of the harvest. He is as such influenced by many ancient traditions. With special songs and prayers, the faithful thank God for the gifts. Because it is not obvious that we can reap the fruits for our daily bread in our gardens and fields, special attention will be given to the blessing and action of God this Sunday. In our time of man-made climatic conditions and ubiquitous deep intrusions into nature, Sunday's theme invites us to diverge and engage in particular with the preservation and preservation of creation.

This is taken as an opportunity to decorate the church and especially the altar not only with flowers, but also with pumpkins, bread, potatoes, apples, corn, ears of corn - with all the gifts of nature, with which God receives our lives, Depending on the region, this very colorful service undergoes a special stamping and embellishment. Some communities thank and honor on Sunday also the trades that are involved in the production of our food.

After the Thanksgiving service, the gifts used for the decoration are distributed to the needy, children and families. A particularly beautiful transmission of God's blessing.